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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Need to explain

If any of you read my last post you know that we recently were disappointed in a potential adoption opportunity.  Today I realized that I had been OBSESSED with Face book for over two months.  Our primary way of contacting that mom was through Face book.  So when we stopped hearing from her, and she asked for more time to consider, I haunted Face book. In hopes that she would let us know. I am afraid that disappointing us was too hard for her to face.  So now we are trying to move on, look at this as a learning experience, and continue on our adoption journey.  It became such a normal part of of my life that I have continued to check Face book.  So that is why I am taking a break from Face book.  We hold no judgement on the mom or her decision.  She and her family are NOT the reason I am taking a break.  We respect her, her privacy and her families privacy. We love and respect her and her right to choose to parent.  I continue to pray for her well being and the well being of her baby.
 I just realized that I had started a unhealthy habit and want to stop it!!  So please know that we are okay.  We will bounce back and we WILL find our child.  I appreciate all your messages and calls and words of support.  I just need a little time as I said to get my head on straight.  If you want to call me or email, that would be great.  I don't know how long I am taking a break for, but at least a few days to possibly a month.  Who knows.. Maybe I will find more time to clean, exercise, study the scriptures and take care of my husband.   Or I could spend extra time on PINTEREST!! LOL!!

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