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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love.. Love.. Love.. Babies!!!!

As some of you know, I have been tending a 8 week old baby boy for a friend of mine.  I have to say, after the first 5 minutes I held him, I was in Love.   They don't do much at that age except sleep, eat, cry a little and fill their diapers, but I am loving taking care of him.  I only have him 3 days a week, but I love those 3 days.  Today I tended a friends 8 or 9 month old baby girl.  I have watched her before, and I have to admit that I love her too!!  So different at those various ages.  You do need to do more to entertain them when they are older but still lots of fun.  She and I played Peek a boo for about 20 minutes today and we both were belly laughing!!
 If I had any doubts about going from a career woman to a mom, I no longer do.   I love taking care of these babies.  I do understand that its not the same as a full time mom, but still... I was made to be a mom.   I also no longer have any doubts that I will love my baby through adoption.  I love these 2 babies that I have tended in the last few months, so much and they are not mine.  Still.. I would step in front of a bus for either one of them.    I hope their parents know how much I care.  It can't be easy to leave your baby with some one else, but I take the best care possible. 

 Angela, The 8 week olds mom, left a bassinet here for me to use for him.  There are diapers and blankets in my apartment.  I have formula and baby bottles in my kitchen.  When I walk by these things when he is not here it makes me a little sad, I miss him.  But mostly I miss knowing my own baby.  I can't wait for this journey to be over, and yet, I enjoy the anticipation too.  I love walking through the baby department, looking at clothes and pricing diapers.  I love talking to other mom's about their babies and their sleepless nights.  I love dreaming of our future child, planning names, activities and our future.   I don't know you yet, little one..
But know this... Mommy loves you!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Proud to be an American!!

Yesterday in church we sang the "Star Spangled banner" as our closing hymn. As we stood and sang those moving words, I thought about the many men and women who have served our country and who continue to serve.  My dad was one of those men.  He was proud of his time served.  He is buried in the Veterans section of the cemetary in California, and I hope someone places a flag on his grave today.
We have a nephew in the Marines at present and I am proud of him as well.  We look forward to the days when we can raise a family, take them to the 4th of July parade in Riverton, when they can watch Daddy set off fireworks and play on the lawn of our brother in laws home, while we wait for the city fireworks.  I want them to grow up in a land where they can choose where to attend church, where they can be free to vote and make decisions in their community.  I have lived out of the country before, and although I have a great love for those other lands, I value the freedoms of the USA.
Today and every day I am proud to be an American.