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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting ready while we wait!!

Okay... I am not as crazed looking as this woman, but I CAN RELATE to how she feels!!  The worst part of any new journey is the waiting.  I read a article today that talked about waiting in adoption.  She talked about how if pregnancy reflected the time that adoptive parents wait, some gestation periods would be days, months and even years.  She talked about using the waiting time wisely.  This is my plan!!
So for instance, Instead of mooning over baby clothes online and in catalogs every day, I only allow myself to do that for 1 day a week.  Instead I am planning on focusing my energy the other 6 days on studying a new subject that has nothing to do with babies.  What that will be.. I am not sure, but I am thinking back to my interests before the whole Mommy Need took over and trying to remember.
I am reading up though on babies a little.  Two days a week, I am allowed to read my "what to expect the first year" book, and also some book about helping them sleep through the night.  Now to be fair, I bought these books with Baby Declan in mind { the 9 month old I have tended since he was 7 weeks old} so I would be informed for his sake.  Just because I will be able to use these books in the future just means I shopped on my kindle wisely!!
Spend time reorganizing my life.  I did recently "clean" my apartment to get ready for a home study, but that does not in any way mean I ORGANIZED IT!!!!  I have some pockets of organization, but over all I am not a organized person.  It takes hard work, sweat and a few tears to get me to organize my possessions.  I come from a mom who holds on to everything!! So paring down the STUFF in my life does not come easily.  But I have gotten better at it, and I know I can continue on this path.
Spend some quality time with my husband.  Now don't get me wrong, there is no one on earth that I would rather spend time with.  In fact we spend a great deal of time together.  BUT.... its not always quality time.  We used to go out on dates once a week, but since this whole adoption thing started, some how we have let that slip away a little more.  I love dressing up and looking pretty for my husband. That does not mean we have to spend lots of money.. we could go for a walk,  snuggle on the couch.. play a board game.... remember times in the past... Laugh!!! Go to bed early... {hint hint!!} LOL!!
Anyway, I am not just going to passively wait for our baby.. I am going to do my best to actively wait and learn something new while I do that.  I want to be a great mom, and great mom's are well rounded people who have lots of interests!!! 
Now that at least is the plan!!  I will still contact family and friends often about our need and desire to adopt, I will network, and I will still dream of our future family, but I am going to enjoy the dreaming.. I am going to enjoy the waiting.  After all I will never be a first time expectant mom again!!!

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