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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Angels on Earth

My wife posts to our blog more often than I, Though I normally reply to things she writes I just want to quickly post about some "Angels on Earth" My Brother Monte Maynard jr, and His Wife Rachelle. On more than one occasion they have traveled half way to California to rescue us. The first was a few years ago when our car caught fire crossing the Mojave Desert. They left immediately to come help us, renting a trailer to tow my car back to Utah. I have said it more than once and I repeat again with loving emotion "I was never so glad to see my big brother!" The second was when we were returning from picking up our daughter Maddi. Because of the ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) we couldn't leave California until we had permission. I needed to return the rental car so I left Maddi and Kay at her cousin's house and began the long trek across the Mojave desert to meet my brother in Vegas and get my car towed back to Utah, and drive their car back which they had driven down along with their Yukon to tow my car. I was about  2 hours into my 3 hour trip when Kay called and ICPC had granted permission for us to leave with Maddi. When I called my brother he told me to go get them, that he and Rachelle would wait for us. The are such amazing people I love them both and they are instrumental in bringing our baby girl into our family.

Its been too long since I have written.. Maddi keeps me pretty busy! On May 5th we went to Family Court and Maddi's adoption was finalized. Now we count down the days until we take her to the temple this weekend and she becomes a part of our forever family.

As a Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, we are taught from the time we are small that we will grow up and attend the temple. That our greatest desires and dreams are to be a part of a eternal family. My parents were not sealed in the temple when they were married because my dad was a new convert. I was 11 years old when I was sealed to my parents in the Los Angeles Temple. I remember the beautiful white dress that the Temple workers found for me to wear, and how pretty my mom looked all in white. I remember that I was excited to be there and I felt the spirit strongly.

I don't know if Maddi will have any memories of this special day at all, but she will hear the stories, see the pictures and I hope she will know she was surrounded by people who love her. Her Nana, made her a white blanket for the Temple and her blessing day, before she was even born. Her momma sacrificed her wedding dress, and her sweet aunt Rachelle lovingly made it into her temple/blessing dress. Her grandpa and Uncle Monte-o will act as witnesses, and her sweet auntie "Shell" will dress her in that sweet white dress, fasten the white hair clips her momma made in her hair, and we will see her enter the room with tear filled eyes. I know with all my heart that she will be surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends who love her, and I know that those who wait in Heaven will be there as well.

A earthly judge declared that Maddi was ours by the standards of the world, but I look forward to the declaration of our Heavenly Father, that she is ours for all of Eternity. Linked in the chain of our family...

Finally and forever ours!!