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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My guardian angels

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Shafer



I was deep cleaning my kitchen today and listening to the Judd's.  I love the Judd's!!  There is a song they sing that always makes me cry.  "My Guardian Angels".   Makes me think of all the dear ones in my family who have passed on.  I never knew my Great Grandpa Shafer, except through family stories.  I knew great Grandma Shafer well.  She was a amazing woman!!  I know her stories because My dad interviewed her on tape and Berrett converted them to CD.
I think about my Grandpa Bailey on my mom's side.  He grew up hunting and trapping animals.  He loved a cup of coffee and rode the train rails as a hobo when he was a teen.   I know his stories because of a book he wrote about his life.
My aunt Lynda recently shared stories of the Mormon pioneers on my mothers side of the family, and I was excited to know a little bit about them.  We have some journal entries, but only just a few.
I remember my dad because I had him for 16 years, but I have probably forgootten some of his stories.  My brother and sister had even shorter times with him.  I wish he had kept a journal.  My mom has some letters he wrote when he was in Vietnam and I was just a toddler. 
I look at my blog and wonder what it reveals to my future children and grand children?  I hope it tells them more about their mom and dad, before we were ever their mom and dad.  
I love knowing where I come from.  I hope I can pass on a history to my kids.  Their History will be from several families, their birth parents and ours as well.  I do know one thing, they are with Our guardian angels at this time.  I know the ones we love are just waiting to bring them to us.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting anew- weekly cleaning schedule

I hate housework!!  I admit this freely!! I would rather do anything else, including a visit to the dentist then clean my house.  Ever since our last adoption possibility fell through I have found myself struggling with the upkeep of my apartment.  I have just let depression and feelings of being overwhelmed conflict with my cleaning schedule.  Today I decided no more!! So I typed up a schedule for daily cleaning.  I intend to laminate and hang it up!!! Soon I will have two babies in the house to tend along with a 5 year old and some times a 7 year old!! I need to be organized!! I do better with check lists and written goals.  So in order to really commit myself and keep myself honest,I am posting this on my blog.  Anyone else use lists?

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Bathroom-
1. Clean Toilet- 5 minutes
                                                                2. Clean Tub-
                                                                3. Scour Sink
                                                                 4. Clean Mirrors
                                                                5.Polish counters
                                                                6. Sweep and Mop floor.
                                                                7. Wash rugs, liner and bath mat.
                Laundry: 1 to 2 loads- Hang up and put away
                Daily: Load and unload dishwasher- keep dining room table clean
                15 minute clean up before bed
Tuesday: Kitchen-
1. Empty Dishwasher and Dish rack
                                                                2. Fill dishwasher or hand wash as I dirty dishes.
                                                                3.Clean surfaces, counters, stovetop, etc.
                                                                4. Scour sink, empty garbage
                                                                5.Clean Microwave
                                                                6.. Clean out fridge
                                                                7. sweep floors, mop
Laundry: Bathroom and kitchen Towels, Blankets and sheets.  Put away
Daily: Load and unload Dishwasher-  15 minute clean up before bed.

Weds: Living room and Dining Room
1.       Dust
2.       Clean off high chair, shake out tablecloth under
3.       Vacuum
4.       Clean off computer desk
5.       Go through 1 box in dining area- donate- discard or save.
Laundry: Wash Whites, including Sunday shirts for Berrett
Daily: Load and unload Dishwasher- 15 minute clean up before bed

Thursday: Bedroom
1.Dust off dresser, side table
2.Gather dirty laundry, put away any extra clean clothes
3.Go through 1 box from closet, discard- donate and save.

Daily: any extra laundry- 15 minute pick up before bed

Friday: Front hall and Church shelf
`                                               1.Clean laundry area
2.Straighten primary shelf
3.Dust pictures on walls
Daily: laundry: blankets from living room- any kitchen towels as needed- put away
15 minute clean up before bed
Saturday: General cleanup, organize church stuff including clothes and plan weekly menu.
Sunday: Day off except for general clean up and dishes.
Rewards:                                               Goals:
1.       New book on kindle                                                                       1. Clean apartment
2.       Phone call with a friend.                                                              2. Kick depression and inactivity
3.       Play date with a friend                                                                  3. Happy kids
4.       Nap                                                                                              4.Daily Walk or 3 days of work out
5.       Night out                                                                                             5. Decluttered house                             
6.       30 minutes of computer or kindle time

Sunday, June 10, 2012

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the Heaven...

I will admit that my first exposure to the scripture above came about because of a oldie but goodie playing on my parents 8-track in the family station wagon.  It was performed by the Byrds and it was called "Turn! Turn! turn!".  It was written based upon the scripture from Ecclesiastes.  I know I am "dating" myself by one- mentioning this song. Two- mentioning a 8- track player, and three- mentioning a station wagon!!  Although ours was super cool, it was patriotic blue, with red, white and blue curtains in the side windows in the very back, and we had stickers on the side of every state we had ever traveled to!!  I miss that old wagon,where we listened to old songs, took road trips and spent countless hours asking dad " are we there yet?'
Any way back to the present.   When we first started attending our ward in Taylorsville, I was called to be a primary teacher.  How I loved teaching Primary.  Your students love you, they forgive you your short comings and you get to hear about all their amazing adventures!!  Not to mention a few family secrets!! LOL!! Kids tell you EVERYTHING!!  Lucky for the parents though, we don't tend to divulge what we know.
Any way, I taught primary for quite a while.  A little over a year ago, I was called to be 1st counselor in the primary.  I was a little sad to leave my classroom, but had received the impression that this was where Heavenly Father needed me, so I gladly accepted the calling.  I felt so lucky to work with our President Tonya, Ofelia the other counselor and Cynthia the secretary.  Ofelia moved away and I had the chance to get to know Alli who took her place.  We have all worked so well together.  Tonya has taught us so much, and my love for all the children has grown.

Well, recently Tonya was called to be in the Stake Primary Presidency.  I am not sure how the others in the presidency felt, but I was so sad that we were losing Tonya and not sure what would happen to the rest of us.   We knew that changes would be made, and we were not sure what they would be.  I found myself praying that what ever the Lord desired for me, that I would be at peace with it. 
Last Sunday, the bishop called me to be the Primary President. I was sustained and set a part today.
I thought I would feel overwhelmed, and I have had those moments.  What I didn't expect to feel was peaceful.   I don't know why He has asked me to serve in this capacity, but I do know that I have many things to learn, and this is the season for that learning.  I have already learned a little more about inspiration as I prayed to know who to pick as counselors, and secretary.  I felt really good about keeping some of them on, and felt really good about the newest member of our presidency, Alecia.  She indicated to me, that she had felt a few weeks ago, that this would be where she was called to.
I am someone who struggles with shyness, and I am always fearful of new situations.  I love my comfort zone.  I love to know what is expected of me, and I love to be the one following the Leader.  I have had management positions in the work place, but they were always hard for me.   I don't like to be the bad guy!!  The nice part about leading in the church, is we lead differently then we do in the world.  We still have tough decisions to make, but we are led by our Savior who taught that the best leaders are those who serve the ones we lead.   I pray I can do that.
I pray I can be a good servant.  The bishop blessed me today with the strength and energy I needed and a great love for those I will be serving, The Children.  I am grateful for the blessing and for the loving guidance of my Heavenly Father.  I am also grateful for the loving support of my husband and my family.  Its my season to serve, Its my turn to learn, and my turn to grow.  Its a very humbling experience.