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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Looking a baby websites and blogs

I found a blog recently that reviews products for babies and their mom's.  They are reviewed by mommies and they don't receive any compensation for their reviews.  They also offer freebies and give aways.
so I thought I would share their blog with my friends.
This is a give away product for babies with colic.  its all natural and seems to work well from their reviews.
I am really enjoying reading about all things "mommy" and all things "baby"!!
Berrett will laugh at this and tell me I am obsessed, but I am actually like many other "expectant: mom's I am just doing some research, and who doesn't love free things!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eating the elephant.. one bite at a time!!

So,  Tuesday we met with our case worker.  It was a overwhelming experience!  When we arrived at the office, we noticed several young girls waiting in the reception area.  Later we  laughed because we both were wondering if these girls were here to talk about placement.   When we met our case worker she asked if we minded if a student sat in.  I just automatically answered "sure".  Berrett said he would have said no.  I am sorry honey!!  
The only thing that did not impress me about our case worker was, I wish she had told us a little bit about herself at the beginning.  Other then her name, we knew nothing about her.  It might have helped to know how long she had worked there, and what brought her to that type of work. I only say this because putting us at ease would have been nice before we dived into our personal lives.   We are sitting there sharing all this information about ourselves, some of it quite personal with a total stranger.
I guess though, we will have a similar experience with potential birth parents, so we will just have to get over it! :}
She asked all her questions and then gave us a folder with forms to fill out.  Back ground checks,  employment verification, medical forms for our doctors, both regular and a form for infertility.   She told us we will be issued a log in and pass word on and we will both have to fill out questionnaires as well as financial stuff.  We will need to turn in names of 4 references for LDS family services to contact.  We are praying about who to choose. It was a overwhelming amount of information in a short period of time.
But at the same time exciting.  I keep trying to look at it in the whole "eating the elephant" way. You know one bite at a time!!
So as I posted before, we have a lot of paperwork ahead of us, but we will get through it.  I know that Berrett has put me in charge of all that!!  He will still have to fill out some forms as well.   I went on and read some of the other couples birth mother letters.   Its heart breaking to see so many couples who are longing for a child.  Its a lot of people that the birth mother has to look through.  If I didn't have the faith that the Lord will bring us our child, in his way and in his time, I might be discouraged.   I do know that the Lord wants us to have children and He will find a way.   We just have to be patient, and keep biting that elephant!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of the best moments of my life!!

This last summer I was a Stake Assistant Camp Director for our churches girls camp.  We had a wonderful fireside night with Sister Elaine Dalton.  She is an amazing lady.  But I came to realize that the girls at camp are amazing women!! Such strength!! Such testimonies!! It was one of the best moments of my life!! Sleeping on the ground, unwashed, cold and tired, but still so spiritual.
You leave the things of the world behind when you go to girls camp, and that in turn brings you closer to Heavenly Father.
Our theme was "Come to the Temple the Mountain of the Lord. ".  We made temple time capsules. I got to make the one we presented to Sister Dalton.  She was so excited!! We told her that the girls were going to be able to open it when they went through the temple for the first time.  Enclosed was a white handkerchief, a temple reccomend holder, Letters from their YW leaders, and letters they wrote to a future spouse or children.  She wanted to know when she got to open her's and asked if she could the next time she went to the temple.
We also all wore the value colors.  Each ward had one of the value colors and the Stake wore the "gold" for  Virtue.  All the leaders and girls signed one of the sweatshirts for our "surprise guest".  They didn't know it was going to be sister Dalton until she showed up.  We gave it to her and she immediatly put it on.
 Once again very excited!! She was like one of the girls herself!!
Here's Jenn our Stake camp director presenting it to her!

Here she is putting it on!!

She was so happy!! All the girls seemed pleased as well!!

 We had a great time with her and she made all of us feel special and loved!!  I will never forget this time at girls camp.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When You're her age what will matter to you the most?

For me, the answer to that question is my Family, and the memories we have made together.  There is nothing more important to me then the ones I love and who love me.  It won't matter if I achieved great success in my chosen career, or if my home was immaculate.  It will matter to me that my husband knew I loved him every day of our lives.  It will matter to me that I spent time decorating sugar cookies at Christmas with my kids, and nephews and nieces.  It will matter to me that I was there for a friend who needed me.   It will be the hugs given and kisses cherished.  It will be the stories we shared of our loves, losses and triumphs.  It will be the lessons I taught them and they taught me about Our Savior and Our Heavenly Father.  It will be the knowledge that I can move on to the next life knowing that I will hear the words "well done, thou good and faithful servant".
I am holding on to that dream.. Of being a grandma, looking back on my life and knowing that this hard time of waiting for our children was worth it.  The look in her eyes tells me she is glad, she is satisfied, she is happy.
What will matter to you?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paper work and Snooze buttons!!

Well I contacted the Salt Lake Temple today to request a copy of our sealing certificate.  I am afraid that in the move, I may have lost it!! I can't find it at the present, so instead of tearing through my apartment like a whirling dervish, I just requested a copy from the temple.  You can bet that the day I receive it in the mail, I will find my original copy!! 
Also got online to see how to get certified copies of our birth certificates.  We have to have the request documents notarized!!  So I will be working on that next.
Still have not heard from our case worker.  Berrett is under the impression that none of them are full time employee's so it may take them a while to contact us.  I did call and leave a message on the "adoption secretary's" voice mail to be sure they received our Bishops letter.
Berrett thinks I am being too impatient.  I just want to get done whatever we can, now!!
I guess he doesn't feel the same urgency that I do.  I don't know that getting all of this done quickly will make any difference.  Our Birth Mother could be years down the road, but she also could be looking now.  I would just feel better becoming qualified as quickly as possible and then begin the wait.  I really do understand that we may have to wait a long time, but why take a chance?
Also, the sooner we become qualified, the sooner we can start sending out our profile to friends and family, order the pass along cards and pens.  The sooner the Lord can help us find our child!!
Sometimes it can be difficult to be married to someone who is seldom in a hurry!! LOL!!
I guess the other problem for me is, my biological clock is not only ticking the alarm is going off!! I cannot continue to hit snooze!!
I do understand that Heavenly Father may want to teach me patience, but He may also want to teach my husband about Faith!!
So another step begins!!
Also to everyone who has expressed such loving support, we thank you!!  We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes!! Just remember that ,when I ask you to pass along pens and cards, and remember that, when your eyes begin to glaze over when I continually speak of our wish to adopt!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birth mothers Day!!

To all the Birth Mothers out there, Have a Happy day!!
Please honor those who have placed children in the past present and future!!
Please pray for our future birth mom as well!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bishop Referral

We met with our Bishop last night to help him fill out the paperwork required by LDS family  services.  They were pretty in depth questions.  They asked him to describe our relationship with each other and how we relate to others around us.  They asked about substance abuse, pornography, physical abuse, and a whole lot of problems that should prevent couples from even considering adoption.   I am grateful that none of these are problems for Berrett and I but I also understand why they ask.  It was fun to sit and talk to the Bishop about our views on finances, parenting, our relationship.  
It also confirmed to me that Berrett and I view things in a similiar fashion.  There are some differences but not conflicting ones.   We really are ready for this!!  It was so sweet to hear my husband say that I am his best friend!! He is mine as well.
It gave us a small preview of what to expect in the couples interview as well as the individual ones with our case worker.
We have taken another step on our journey!!  Looking at that long staircase up ahead!!