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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Problem with not having a job!!

Okay guys, I am truly bored!!!!!!  My apartment is clean.  I don't feel like cleaning out another closet today.  I got up, worked out, showered, dressed, read my email, ate breakfast, called my old HR department so I can can get a termination notice so Berrett can add me to his insurance and then.... I made Spudnuts!! { My other blog for recipe...}

So I now have 62 spudnuts raising in my kitchen.  I guess I will be making the rounds tonight to family and friends for Family Home evening.   Because Berrett and I are not going to eat 62 doughnuts!!!
I am tempted to work out again, just to keep my mitts off of these beautys!!
I tend to either craft or cook when I am bored!! I need a project!!  I am planning on going over to my sister in laws to scan photos tomorrow.  She needs a dvd montage for my nephews Eagle Scout Court of honor, and I need some family photo's for our Adoption Profile.  She had surgery a week ago and then had some complications, so I am sure she will welcome a visit.  But until then, I AM SO BORED!!! Its funny, before when I was working I had 4 days off at home, one was a sunday, but I was seldom bored.  Of course I worked On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so by Monday I needed to clean the apartment.  Tuesday was Laundry day, and Weds, I was spending with Linda.  I really need some Linda time, I need to give her a call.
I guess I will go on line and apply at a few more call centers!!  I can't wait to start tending Angela's Baby next week.  I know there will come a time when we have a baby in the house of my own and I will long for these quiet days,   But until then, Its hard to appreciate!!
Glazed... Yummm!!!

Cinnamon Sugar...Are you drooling yet?

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