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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We joined the Mormon Mommy Bloggers!!

I have enjoyed the Mormon Mommy blogs, and just got a email from them that we have been accepted into their community of Mormon mommy bloggers!! Yay!! We are featured in the Adoption and foster care section. 
I am hoping that this helps us have more contacts out their that might bring us to our future baby.
My nephew {Blake} has an aunt,[his dad's sister] who had a baby on mothers day.  She will be starting back to work soon and I offered to be her Child Care provider.  She will probably use me at least part of the time. I am excited to spend some time with a new born.  I could use the practice.  Plus it will be a bit more income coming in.  I need to get our place ready for our home study soon.  The problem is I am fighting a bit of a depression about leaving my job and not really being sure what to do next.  I want to be available for our adoption classes and we have pre paid for a vacation in August.  So I really don't want to start working anywhere until at least then.  I applied on line to Convergys today just to see what my options are.  I may apply at 1800contacts in the fall.  Or maybe even Jetblue.  I would love to work from home at some point.  I wish I knew exactly what the Lord has in mind for us,  If I am supposed to be working, Or if I am supposed to be at home for some reason.  Is their a baby in our near future??
A dear Friend at church told me that she got excited when she heard that I had lost my job because she said something bad always happens when the Lord has a great blessing in store for you.  I am hopeful that this is true, but I am trying not to get my hopes up too high either because I don't want to be disappointed.
We are praying daily for answers, where to live, how to pay for the adoption, and that the Lord will let us know when a child is meant to be ours.  I wish answers came more directly then just through our feelings or through the actions of others.  But I know that I must have faith.  He has a family in mind for us at some time.  In His Time. 

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