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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Starting anew- weekly cleaning schedule

I hate housework!!  I admit this freely!! I would rather do anything else, including a visit to the dentist then clean my house.  Ever since our last adoption possibility fell through I have found myself struggling with the upkeep of my apartment.  I have just let depression and feelings of being overwhelmed conflict with my cleaning schedule.  Today I decided no more!! So I typed up a schedule for daily cleaning.  I intend to laminate and hang it up!!! Soon I will have two babies in the house to tend along with a 5 year old and some times a 7 year old!! I need to be organized!! I do better with check lists and written goals.  So in order to really commit myself and keep myself honest,I am posting this on my blog.  Anyone else use lists?

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Bathroom-
1. Clean Toilet- 5 minutes
                                                                2. Clean Tub-
                                                                3. Scour Sink
                                                                 4. Clean Mirrors
                                                                5.Polish counters
                                                                6. Sweep and Mop floor.
                                                                7. Wash rugs, liner and bath mat.
                Laundry: 1 to 2 loads- Hang up and put away
                Daily: Load and unload dishwasher- keep dining room table clean
                15 minute clean up before bed
Tuesday: Kitchen-
1. Empty Dishwasher and Dish rack
                                                                2. Fill dishwasher or hand wash as I dirty dishes.
                                                                3.Clean surfaces, counters, stovetop, etc.
                                                                4. Scour sink, empty garbage
                                                                5.Clean Microwave
                                                                6.. Clean out fridge
                                                                7. sweep floors, mop
Laundry: Bathroom and kitchen Towels, Blankets and sheets.  Put away
Daily: Load and unload Dishwasher-  15 minute clean up before bed.

Weds: Living room and Dining Room
1.       Dust
2.       Clean off high chair, shake out tablecloth under
3.       Vacuum
4.       Clean off computer desk
5.       Go through 1 box in dining area- donate- discard or save.
Laundry: Wash Whites, including Sunday shirts for Berrett
Daily: Load and unload Dishwasher- 15 minute clean up before bed

Thursday: Bedroom
1.Dust off dresser, side table
2.Gather dirty laundry, put away any extra clean clothes
3.Go through 1 box from closet, discard- donate and save.

Daily: any extra laundry- 15 minute pick up before bed

Friday: Front hall and Church shelf
`                                               1.Clean laundry area
2.Straighten primary shelf
3.Dust pictures on walls
Daily: laundry: blankets from living room- any kitchen towels as needed- put away
15 minute clean up before bed
Saturday: General cleanup, organize church stuff including clothes and plan weekly menu.
Sunday: Day off except for general clean up and dishes.
Rewards:                                               Goals:
1.       New book on kindle                                                                       1. Clean apartment
2.       Phone call with a friend.                                                              2. Kick depression and inactivity
3.       Play date with a friend                                                                  3. Happy kids
4.       Nap                                                                                              4.Daily Walk or 3 days of work out
5.       Night out                                                                                             5. Decluttered house                             
6.       30 minutes of computer or kindle time

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