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Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween decorating at our house!!

Halloween mobile between kitchen and dining area
Front Door... Spooky!!
Next to front door on landing, hope they don't "walk' away!!
So I was in the mood for Halloween last night and started decorating!! First time in a long time. Berrett seemed slightly amused.  He is the Halloween fan in our family, but with all the kids I have had coming in and out of my place lately, it felt fun to decorate!! I did some of it this morning and my neice Adria seemed to love it!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My in home pre-school

I have been tending my 4 year old niece a few times a week for the last two months.  Her mom asked me if I could work on some pre school stuff with her and this is the poster I developed to help with our learning.  Lots of fun things on the web that are free to use.  I am enjoying working with her. She is one smart cookie!
I am also still tending Declan, my friends baby boy, and occasionally Kinzlie, the daughter of some other friends in our ward.  Makes for some busy times!!