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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memory from our Wedding day!!

Anyone who knows us well, hears this story at least once.  Keep in mind you are hearing it from my perspective, Berrett has a slightly different version of the events.  Where I find humor in the situation he seems to only remember the frustration!!
We were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on a some what cloudy day in May 1999.   We had pictures taken at the temple and then after changing out of our wedding clothes, joined our family for a yummy wedding lunch.  We escaped to our apartment for a bit,  and had a nap.."really we just napped"!!  Then Berrett and I drove out to Riverton.  He dropped me off at my mom's where my sister was going to touch up my makeup and touch up my hair-do.  I had been there about 30 minutes when I realized I had left my jewelry and garter at our apartment.  I called Berrett in a panic and he offered to drive the 20 minutes back to our apartment, and find said items.  I told him it wasn't worth it and he said "no, its your day and you should feel beautiful and complete."  so he told his mom he was running back to our apartment.  The Reception  was in about 2 hours time, but his Mom was also in panic mode.  She asked him to stop and pick up the rolls and desserts from 2 different bakeries on his way back.  He told her he didn't think he had time but he would try.  He raced to our apartment, called me because he had no idea where my jewelery or garter was, found the items and then called his mom to say he would not have time to stop at the bakeries.   Her words were" but no one else can do it!!"  Mean while I am at his house in my wedding dress with the photographer who is taking pics of me and my family and his family in every way without my groom.  His brothers in law are standing around waiting as well and Berrett often points out that one of them could have gone.  Now don't get us wrong all of his family prepared the house, the yard and some of the food.  They also spent the whole time at the reception serving food, doing dishes and waiting on OUR guests.  They were and are wonderful people who serve their family with all their hearts. 
Berrett races to the first bakery and the rolls are not even boxed.  he waits, loads them in and then races to the 2nd bakery for the desserts.  This bakery is a little mom and pop place with no sign on the door.   Berrett is driving around the parking lot looking for this place.  He finally gets out of the car and is looking at each individual shop.  His mom has called that bakery and the owner pokes his head out and asks him if he is Berrett?  They have a 3X5 card on their door with the bakery name!!  He loads the desserts in, comes to a screeching halt in front of his parents house.  His brothers wife, basically strips him of his outer clothes and dresses him in his tux.  {at this point she saw more of my husband unclothed then I had ! LOL]  We took about 15 minutes of pictures together after his dad told him to be calm and not to ruin "MY" day and we raced in the back door to stand in line while our guest strolled through the front door.
To this day no one can mention our wedding without Berrett teasing his mom about the fact that "no one but the groom" could pick up the food.
All in all it was a wonderful day!! We had a lot of guests, I got the chance to talk to some of Berrett's child hood friends who came.  One in particular told me that his child hood was the best because Berrett was his friend.  
My husband neglected to pack for the honeymoon so at Midnight I was packing his bags.  {setting a precedent that now I ALWAYS do the packing}  and we washed our car at 1am and drove back to our apartment.  We left on our official Honeymoon to Disneyland at 5am the next day.   So much for sleep!!
The main thing that I take from this whole adventure is Berrett's willingness to serve me and his mom on a day so filled with stress.  He is like that, He serves lovingly and willingly. [{but he may not let you forget about it, sorry Mom!!}

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