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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Adoption Classes

Several hours and 1 day later!! I am back!! The classes were great.  To be able to sit in a room with other couples who struggle from infertility and who all have the hope of adoption was great!!  We got to talk with other couples and meet, birth parents, birth mom's, parents who adopted internationally or transracially, or adopted special needs.  We talked about infertility and spoke with a panel of adult adoptee's.
We had Pizza and Pot luck  so we were spiritually fed and physically fed. We saw children's books that taught about adoption, race, culture and embracing our differences.

I even think that although Berrett found portions of it to be slow or slow moving, he was also inspired.  He began to talk to me about fund raising and our own hopes.  It was great!!  They gave us a small gift at the end, a picture of Joseph holding the Savior as a infant.  It speaks about Joseph being a adoptive father.  A very special thought!!
Here is the link to her page and the thoughts of the painter as she made this very special painting!!

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