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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Bite of that Darn Elephant!

When we got home last night, there was a UPS notice on the door.  It had to be signed for so, it must be our marriage certificate.  I got on and after a very frustrating period of time where it wouldn't accept my credit card info {had to pay $4.00 to change delivery date.} I finally got the payment to go through and scheduled for my next day off, which is next week.
So after that comes, I can go to the social security office and get my card.  Not even sure how long that takes, or if they issue it while I am there.  I have to do in person because my last card, had my maiden name on it.  I know, I know, I have been married 12 years and never changed my social security card.  So when it comes to documents, I move slowly!!  LOL!! {Does anyone know if they mail it, Or can I get it while I wait?}
Then we can take our Id's and social security cards to LDS social services and start our back ground check!! That will be another bite of the elephant!!

We are attending the temple this weekend and I am looking forward to a few moments of peace.  I hope that we can find some answers to our prayers.  Lots of decisions to make about our future.  Where to live, how to pay for the adoption etc.  
I have a feeling that all these bites of elephant are not going to be too bad.. its going to be the digesting {waiting for baby} that will be the hardest.

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