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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paper work and Snooze buttons!!

Well I contacted the Salt Lake Temple today to request a copy of our sealing certificate.  I am afraid that in the move, I may have lost it!! I can't find it at the present, so instead of tearing through my apartment like a whirling dervish, I just requested a copy from the temple.  You can bet that the day I receive it in the mail, I will find my original copy!! 
Also got online to see how to get certified copies of our birth certificates.  We have to have the request documents notarized!!  So I will be working on that next.
Still have not heard from our case worker.  Berrett is under the impression that none of them are full time employee's so it may take them a while to contact us.  I did call and leave a message on the "adoption secretary's" voice mail to be sure they received our Bishops letter.
Berrett thinks I am being too impatient.  I just want to get done whatever we can, now!!
I guess he doesn't feel the same urgency that I do.  I don't know that getting all of this done quickly will make any difference.  Our Birth Mother could be years down the road, but she also could be looking now.  I would just feel better becoming qualified as quickly as possible and then begin the wait.  I really do understand that we may have to wait a long time, but why take a chance?
Also, the sooner we become qualified, the sooner we can start sending out our profile to friends and family, order the pass along cards and pens.  The sooner the Lord can help us find our child!!
Sometimes it can be difficult to be married to someone who is seldom in a hurry!! LOL!!
I guess the other problem for me is, my biological clock is not only ticking the alarm is going off!! I cannot continue to hit snooze!!
I do understand that Heavenly Father may want to teach me patience, but He may also want to teach my husband about Faith!!
So another step begins!!
Also to everyone who has expressed such loving support, we thank you!!  We appreciate all your prayers and good wishes!! Just remember that ,when I ask you to pass along pens and cards, and remember that, when your eyes begin to glaze over when I continually speak of our wish to adopt!

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