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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bishop Referral

We met with our Bishop last night to help him fill out the paperwork required by LDS family  services.  They were pretty in depth questions.  They asked him to describe our relationship with each other and how we relate to others around us.  They asked about substance abuse, pornography, physical abuse, and a whole lot of problems that should prevent couples from even considering adoption.   I am grateful that none of these are problems for Berrett and I but I also understand why they ask.  It was fun to sit and talk to the Bishop about our views on finances, parenting, our relationship.  
It also confirmed to me that Berrett and I view things in a similiar fashion.  There are some differences but not conflicting ones.   We really are ready for this!!  It was so sweet to hear my husband say that I am his best friend!! He is mine as well.
It gave us a small preview of what to expect in the couples interview as well as the individual ones with our case worker.
We have taken another step on our journey!!  Looking at that long staircase up ahead!!

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  1. What a wonderful bishop you have! What a great experience to be able to talk to him one-on-one like that about. I bet he is so supportive of you and Berrett!