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Sunday, May 22, 2011

One of the best moments of my life!!

This last summer I was a Stake Assistant Camp Director for our churches girls camp.  We had a wonderful fireside night with Sister Elaine Dalton.  She is an amazing lady.  But I came to realize that the girls at camp are amazing women!! Such strength!! Such testimonies!! It was one of the best moments of my life!! Sleeping on the ground, unwashed, cold and tired, but still so spiritual.
You leave the things of the world behind when you go to girls camp, and that in turn brings you closer to Heavenly Father.
Our theme was "Come to the Temple the Mountain of the Lord. ".  We made temple time capsules. I got to make the one we presented to Sister Dalton.  She was so excited!! We told her that the girls were going to be able to open it when they went through the temple for the first time.  Enclosed was a white handkerchief, a temple reccomend holder, Letters from their YW leaders, and letters they wrote to a future spouse or children.  She wanted to know when she got to open her's and asked if she could the next time she went to the temple.
We also all wore the value colors.  Each ward had one of the value colors and the Stake wore the "gold" for  Virtue.  All the leaders and girls signed one of the sweatshirts for our "surprise guest".  They didn't know it was going to be sister Dalton until she showed up.  We gave it to her and she immediatly put it on.
 Once again very excited!! She was like one of the girls herself!!
Here's Jenn our Stake camp director presenting it to her!

Here she is putting it on!!

She was so happy!! All the girls seemed pleased as well!!

 We had a great time with her and she made all of us feel special and loved!!  I will never forget this time at girls camp.

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