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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just an idea...

As you know we are looking to raise some of the money needed to pay for our adoption.  LDS family services is not as expensive as many other adoption agencies, but we still need to raise a sizable amount.
We have considered many possibilities, A bake sale, Cook books, T shirts, a yard sale.  But a family member mentioned a benefit concert.  As many of you know Berrett has many friends in the community who sing, play instruments and act.   If we were able to organize such a event would you be willing to pay to attend?
If you are a performer would you be willing to donate your time and talent to our cause?  We are also looking for a venue that might be willing to donate the rental as well.   Just putting some ideas out there. 
We are still in the planning stages so this is just a thought at the moment.  If you have any great ideas, or know of some that others have used we would love your input.  Thanks to all of you who have been reading our blog!! We appreciate the interest.  

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  1. Good luck! I added your names to my "hoping to adopt" list! :)