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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Well, its another day and my mood has lightened some what.  I filled out most of the paperwork last night and Berrett looked it over.  He was exhausted after a long day of work and physical therapy.  I know the physical therapy is wearing on him, but there are improvements. He is moving his shoulders with a little more ease.  Still alot of pain though.  He didn't say much as he read through the paperwork. but that is so like Berrett, he reads or listens and then quietly takes it all in.  I hope that when we meet with potential birth parents that they won't take this as a sign of disinterest.  He is interested, just a thinker.
I am the one who has a hard time with silence, when I am nervous I tend to talk even more!!  I pity those future parents!!
I read so much on line about birth moms.. but what about birth dads?  I am sure for some it is not as much a reality as it is for the woman who carries the child inside her, but surely there are some who get involved in the process.  I hope that if a birth mom ever chooses us, that we will get to meet the dad as well.  But from what I have read thats not always a reality.  Some women have little or no contact as the relationship ended badly.  Some dad's walk away, still others do get involved. 
I hope that if we are chosen as parents that I will be able to tell my son or daughter about both their mom and dad.  I hope to be able to give them some history of what came before.  I want to leave them with a legacy of their own history, from both sets of parents who loved them.
I keep wondering if they are out there already, struggling with this overwhelming situation, or if our turn may be years down the road.  I pray for them.  Bless them Father with thy peace and with thy strength.  You see this blog is not only about our awaited blessing, but theirs as well.

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  1. I'm enjoying reading about your journey with this Kay. I so hope things will work out for you quickly!! So true that the birth dad is often not in the picture, kind of sad actually. I hope this will all work out the way you want it to. You've been so patient, you so deserve this!! You'll be an incredible Mom!!!