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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The first night... and three months later.

My dearest darling daughter,
I think back to the first night you were alone with daddy and me.  We were in a hotel, You were asleep in the play and pack.  I think I was up about every hour checking on you and your breathing.  You looked so tiny and so vulnerable.  I measured every breath, every sigh. My heart was filled to bursting with love for you!  I must have sent up a dozen prayers in gratitude for having you with us, prayers for your safety, prayers for your health, prayers that we would know how to take care of you.
Tomorrow you will be three months old.  I still check on you throughout the night, although I have relaxed quite a bit.  Maybe just once or twice a night.  I still measure every breath and every sigh.  My heart is still full to bursting with love for you, only my heart has grown and grown.  Every day your daddy and I love you even more.  I still send up prayers of gratitude, prayers of safety, prayers for your health, and I pray often to know best how to care for you, how to raise you.  Heavenly Father has the ultimate parenting manual... prayer!!
We have come to know you better and better,  I can tell when you are asleep just by the sound of your breathing.  I recognize the cry you make when you are hungry.  I know that if you are given the chance to wake up on your own in the morning you wake up so happy!!!  You smile, giggle and entertain your daddy and I greatly!!
You kick your legs and make this high pitch squeal when you are happy and excited!  You love to be held.
You love to snuggle into daddy's arms, early in the morning while I get ready for work.  I love to walk into the bedroom and see you asleep curled in your sleeping daddy's arms.
You love music, and love to be sung to.  You love to be read to as well!  You  sleep better after your good night story and pj's and prayers.
We can't wait to see what the future holds. We can't wait to see who you will be!! Who ever that is.. We will love you more and more each day, each month, each year.
We love you our darling girl!!

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