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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A poem for Maddi...

"Pretty little precious one, snuggled in my arms.
Who knew how you could capture me,
with all your quiet charms.
The glowing smile, the shining eyes,
Those little noises...your baby sighs.
You are ever changing, my darling tiny one.
Please don't grow up too fast...
our time has just begun.
I press your body close to me.
Our hearts soon beat in time.
I can't but feel a wonder,
That you are finally mine.
A dream we carried openly,
but feared would never come.
Your life is now our miracle,
from God and His blessed Son.
You did not grow inside me,
you grew within our hearts.
And soon for all Eternity
A family that never parts."
Written by her mommy, on Aug 15-2013

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