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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Choice to be grateful.....

Berrett taught his Home teaching lesson last month and challenged his families to fill out this gratitude list.  We had intended to do it ourselves for FHE{family home evening} but the holidays got in the way of our plans.  
So I decided I would post my list today.
Write 10 physical abilities you are grateful for.
1. my eyes- I would be really sad if I could not see the beauty around me.
2.being able to breathe... This may seem strange to some, but I used to have such bad asthma that walking across the room was sheer torture.  Many times I couldn't seem to find breathing a easy task.  Now that My asthma is gone, I can breathe!!!
3.Being able to sing... When I couldn't breathe singing was difficult.  I love to sing!! hands, I am grateful that I can complete my daily tasks, but also for the creativity in my hands!!
5. Being able to hear... I love the sounds of the world, especially the sound of laughter.
6. being able to laugh!!! Don't you love to laugh?
7. being able to cry.  Tears can be healing.
8. being able to hug and kiss the ones I love!!
9. The strength of my body, being able to lift, carry and move freely.
10. The ability to feel sensations, Rough, soft, sharp, cold, hot, etc.
Write 10 material possessions you are grateful for.
1. Books, I love to read!!! This includes my Kindle.
2. My cell phone, being able to communicate with the people I love.
3.My jewelry, especially the pieces Berrett gave me,like my wedding ring,  and the Baby shoe charm that was given to my great grandmother at my birth, and then left to me at her death.
4. Our camera.. I love being able to record the special moments in my life.
5. All the appliances in my kitchen!! I love to cook!!! I love to show my love for others by cooking special meals for them.
6. My washer and dryer. I lived without them on my mission and was so grateful to not hand wash anything anymore.  And then for a period of time in our marriage we had to go to the laundry mat, not fun!!
7.The clothes that I wear daily.  Especially now that I am actually able to wear clothes I love, instead of my "fat" clothes that I wore just because they fit, not because I truly loved them.
8. Our Christmas decorations.  So many of our ornaments have special meaning for both of us.
9.Art.  I love art. My father was a artist and I truly appreciate the talent of the people who draw, sculpt and paint.
10.Our computer. I can keep in touch with people all over the world, plan my lessons, not to mention entertain myself. And the computer provides our income since that's what Berrett works with daily!!
Write 10 living people you are grateful for. 
1. My husband Berrett
2. my mom and her husband Randy
3. My sister Tammy
4. my brother Tom & His wife Staci
5. My inlaws
6.My Husbands, brothers and sisters and their spouses
7. My best friend Linda
8. My friend Stephanie
9. Too many friends at church to name!!
10.all my nieces and nephews on both sides of the family
Write 10 deceased people you are grateful for.
1. My dad
2.My grandma and grandpa Carr
3. My grandma and grandpa Thompson
4. My Great Grandparents Shafer
5. My great grandparents on my mom's side.
6.My older brother Timmy
7. My aunt Elsie
8. My Uncle Ben
9. Grandma Adel and Grandpa Earl- From Berrett's side of the family
10. Joseph Smith
Write 10 things about nature you are grateful for.
 1.Tree's!!! I love Tree's
2. Mountains!!
3. Water.. Like rivers and oceans
4. The sun
5. The moon
6. The stars
7.Flowers!! I adore flowers!!
8. Grass!!
9. Animals!!
10.The wind!! and Snow Sometimes!! Lol
Write 10 things about today that you are grateful for.
1. I have a clean kitchen
2. I slept well last night.
3. Adria is hanging out with me today
4. Linda is coming to play tonight.
5. I woke up next to my sweetheart today.
6. I have a warm apartment to live in
7. there is food in my kitchen to eat
8. I am going to make a fabulous meal for Berrett & Linda tonight
9. my mom is having a good day
10. I read my scriptures today!!
Write 10 places on Earth you are grateful for.
1.The Temple
2. Our church houses
3. My home
4. My country and its freedoms!!
5. New Zealand and the beauty of the land and people of my mission!
6. The Netherlands and the chance I had to live their and learn about the culture of my ancestors
7. Disneyland!! I am sure this would be at the top of Berrett's list!!
8. My inlaws home and the way they welcome me to it!!
9. Temple Square, I love to visit that historic place.
10. The conference center!! One of my fav places down town!!
Write 10 modern inventions you are grateful for. 
1.The computer
3. Flushing toilets!!! I hate the idea of out houses.
4. My shower.  I hate baths, and can you imagine heating water to bathe?
5.Microwave!! I can heat food quickly and easily!!
6.Running water in my house, we don't have to haul water to clean, cook or bathe.
7.Grocery stores!! I don't have to grow or kill my own food!!
8. Hospitals!! We have doctors who can take care of us!!
9. the Telephone!! I can talk to almost anyone anywhere!!
10. My bed!!! LOL!! I love to sleep and would not want to sleep on the ground!!
Write 10 foods you are grateful for.
1. Chocolate!! Especially Dark!!
2. Cheese, everything tastes better with cheese on it!!
3.Salt!! I am a salt addict!!
4. protein of any kind, its how I lost so much weight!!
5. vegetables!! I really do love my veggies!!
6. ice cream, even though now I can only eat a teeny tiny bit!!
7.Crystal lite!! LOL!! I need the change from plain water!!
8. Bread!! Especially home made, hot from the oven!!
9.Pumpkin and Bananna cream pie!! Yummy!!
10.Oreo cookies!! My favorite!!
Write 10 things about the gospel you are grateful for. 
1. I know who I am and why I am here and where I came from.
2. a living prophet who teaches me
3. a relationship with my Heavenly Father
4. A relationship with my Savior
5. The comfort and guidance of the Holy Ghost
6. My temple ordinances and endowments
7.The knowledge that families are forever .I can be with the ones I love for forever.
8. The scriptures
9. My callings
10. Friends who believe and feel like I do. 
Well that"s my list!! Whats on yours?????



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