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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My guardian angels

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Shafer



I was deep cleaning my kitchen today and listening to the Judd's.  I love the Judd's!!  There is a song they sing that always makes me cry.  "My Guardian Angels".   Makes me think of all the dear ones in my family who have passed on.  I never knew my Great Grandpa Shafer, except through family stories.  I knew great Grandma Shafer well.  She was a amazing woman!!  I know her stories because My dad interviewed her on tape and Berrett converted them to CD.
I think about my Grandpa Bailey on my mom's side.  He grew up hunting and trapping animals.  He loved a cup of coffee and rode the train rails as a hobo when he was a teen.   I know his stories because of a book he wrote about his life.
My aunt Lynda recently shared stories of the Mormon pioneers on my mothers side of the family, and I was excited to know a little bit about them.  We have some journal entries, but only just a few.
I remember my dad because I had him for 16 years, but I have probably forgootten some of his stories.  My brother and sister had even shorter times with him.  I wish he had kept a journal.  My mom has some letters he wrote when he was in Vietnam and I was just a toddler. 
I look at my blog and wonder what it reveals to my future children and grand children?  I hope it tells them more about their mom and dad, before we were ever their mom and dad.  
I love knowing where I come from.  I hope I can pass on a history to my kids.  Their History will be from several families, their birth parents and ours as well.  I do know one thing, they are with Our guardian angels at this time.  I know the ones we love are just waiting to bring them to us.  

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