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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Woman at the Well Cast party

Tonight we gathered as a cast to watch the DVD of our performance and share treats and our testimonies of this choice experience.  Its funny I hate seeing myself on Moving Camera but I enjoyed being able to really hear how we all sounded.  In my opinion we were ALL wonderful.  When the spirit touches you in a performance, you can do so much more than you ever expected.  I wanted to share some photo's that were given to us. I believe they came from Michelle in my ward, but there may have been others who took some as well. Thank you for doing that!! Its nice to have a physical memory of the experience!!

Me singing with my friends.. "Day Of Tears"

amazing experience

My lovely Back up singers. having them behind me gave me more confidence

Don't the costumes look great!!!

Thats the "well" in the back ground

Love this Picture

Finale.. all of us singing "women at the well"
I was trying really hard not to cry, it was a emotional and spiritual experience
 Berrett and I after it was all over.  He ran the lights, [notice that I am wearing make up!!] This NEVER happens!!


 So grateful for this experience even though at first it terrified me!! Its nice to leave your comfort zone!!

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