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Friday, November 14, 2014

Daddy's are devoted too!!

I love all the posts and blogs I read about mom's and their undying love for their children.  I agree, my baby is first and foremost in my life.  But lets not forget the devotion of daddies.  I was lucky enough to be blessed with a devoted daddy.  Even though my time with him was short, he passed away when I was 16.  I will always be grateful for the love and devotion he gave to me and my siblings.
I am also blessed to have a husband who is a devoted daddy.  These are just some of the ways he loves our baby every day!!
1.  He lost his heart to her the moment he held her.  He has been devoted to her ever since.
2. He is not afraid to rough house with her.  He plays harder and longer with her then her mommy who sometimes cringes when he tosses her in the air.
3. He loves her mom!  Watching the way my dad loved my mom, made me choose a great man to be the father of my daughter.  I know she will choose the same type of loving husband to be hers.
4.He tells her she is beautiful every day.
5. It breaks his heart to see or hear her cry.  I pity the boy who breaks her heart the first time.  I also know I will find her snuggled in her daddy's arms, eating ice cream and hearing how "no boy is worth her tears."
6. He dances with her.  He has since she was 3 days old!!!
7.He prays for her, every day.  He teaches her that her Father in Heaven is always there, even when daddy can't be,
8.He plays peek a boo with her, over and over and over again.
9.  He may be SO TIRED of her favorite TV shows, but sings the songs to her anyway, and turns it on because she loves it!
10. He knows when to say "no".  He would love to spoil her rotten, but loves her too much to do it!
11.  He will have tea party's and teddy bear picnics with her, and never think it threatens his masculinity.
12.  He cries happy tears over her when she walks for the first time, when she feels the magic of holidays, or princesses, or Santa Claus, when he watches her sleep.
13.  He can't wait to take her on daddy daughter dates.  Her first? about 6 Months old.
14.  He has her picture on his phone, Ipad, computer, laptop and in his wallet.
15.  When she wakes up afraid in the night, he picks her up and snuggles her close.
16.  This list will grow as she gets older and older.  He will always be the first man in her life!

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