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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Windows of Heaven

The entire time we have been on this adoption journey, we have sought out different ways to raise extra funds for travel and extra expenses not covered by our loan. The Loan only covers the fee's from the agency. We have to raise everything else. We tried selling my book, flowers, seeds, cookies and not much was raised. Last year we had a conversation with our Bishop. He promised us that if we were faithful about attending our meetings, going to the temple but most especially paying our tithing that the Lord would pour out blessings for us. We have done our best to faithfully follow his council. We knew that we would have a extended stay in our daughters home state. We had been told by our case workers that it could be a month. We were blessed with a place to stay, and transportation, but Berrett was really worried about missing so much work. He had explored a lot of options. He could get me settled with the baby with some friends and then fly home to work. Or he could possibly spend time at some of the Internet cafes in the area and Internet commuter work from out of state. He was sad about both options because it would mean time away from me and our baby. He wanted to spend time with her and bond too. Our friend Maria had a idea. She wondered if we could hold a yard sale and accept donated items from friends and family and try to raise some money. We thought it would be a great option. We hoped that maybe we could raise enough to pay for a few tanks of gas. Another friend, Alli, offered her empty basement and part of her garage as a place to store donated items. People in our ward and community seemed interested in helping. I was at Alli's on Thursday evening and there was a decent amount of stuff donated. All day Friday, Alli text ed me telling me that a lot of stuff was coming in. Friday evening it was raining and rain was forecast for Saturday. We decided to move ahead and hold the yard sale anyway. Saturday we awoke to rain. Lots of rain. We went to Alli's and could not believe how much stuff had been donated. Members of our ward showed up with camping gazebo's and tarps, and set up places in the yard to place the items for sale under cover. Many ladies in the ward donated bake sale items. We got everything set up an Maria told me she had asked for a certain amount in her prayers that morning. I honestly thought she was asking too much. But I knew that amount would truly help us, so I silently prayed for the same. People showed up and bought items. A dear sister placed a ad on KSL for a sleep number bed that had been donated. We raised 300.00 alone on the sale of that item. I had old room mates show up to buy and sale. We had primary children selling baked goods and treats. We had members of our ward cheerfully stand in the rain and sell... sell.. sell!! I gathered all the large bills and checks about 1/2 hour before we intended to close the yard sale. The tears poured down both of our faces as we counted the money and realized the Lord had given us our goal and a little bit more. There was still a lot of stuff left to sell. We stayed open longer and my dear friends kept the sale open even after Berrett and I had to leave for a baby shower his family was throwing for us. We came back that night and thanked a exhausted Maria and her family for all their hard work. We picked up the rest of the money and went home and counted it again. The Lord had met our goal and then doubled it. We felt the windows of Heaven open for us, and it was truly a miracle!! If we are careful and use the money we have already saved as well, Berrett won't have to worry about working while we are away. I know the Lord sent earthly angels to help us and that He blessed us as well with generous customers. There was truly not enough room to receive it, our hearts were so full!!

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